On Demand Skilled Resources

The technology ecosystem is constantly changing, as are the needs of your company, and it can be difficult and cost prohibitive to find the right resources for your team.

We collaborate with you to ensure that our strategy, operating procedures, policies, processes, and proven best practices are aligned to achieve the goals and desired outcomes. We use a strategic recruitment and staff augmentation model we refer to as the Three Cs - Culture, Competencies, and Commitment. We believe that to achieve a high performing recruitment and staffing operation, it is essential that these areas are well defined.

We have a well-established method of recruiting the best and the brightest consultants. Our Staff Augmentation Division provides skilled personnel to work under the guidance and direction of clients’ managers to help them develop and maintain new or existing applications. We can help clients manage their changing staffing needs to meet aggressive project timelines. We can provide a single resource, or create an entire project team for you at onsite, offsite and offshore locations.

Our Offerings

  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract Hire
  • Permanent Staffing
  • Project Staffing