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While nearly 70 percent of the world is covered by water even then only 0.007 percent of the planet’s water is available to fuel and feed its people.

As early as 2050, half of the world’s population will be without sufficient drinking water. As a result, water will become a much more important economic factor than raw materials.

Quality water is quickly becoming a scarce resource and unless we realize the perils of inaction today, it may be too late to recover. Already the impact of water shortages and lack of clean, pure water has been felt in many parts of the world. So, technology development has a key role in reversing unsustainable trends.

About 12900 cubic kiloliters of water is present in the atmosphere!

There is abundant fresh water in the air that envelops us. This water is sufficient to cater to our growing drinking water needs.


Aquaosmo is a machine that makes drinking water from humidity in the air using a technologically advanced system that relies on the natural process of condensation which transforms air into water.

Aquaosmo can generate about 30-10000L of drinking water depending on temperature and humidity conditions. It can be used for various residential and commercial purposes.

Air enters Aquaosmo where it is dehumidified; the water is removed from the air and collected in a collection tank inside the unit. From there the water is passed through an extensive water filtration system which cleans it from possible chemical and microbiological contaminations. The clean water is stored in an internal water tank which is kept continuously preserved to keep it at high quality over time. The quality of water is tested and approved by various labs.

Aquaosmo is proved to be natural and safer than bottled water, boiled water or desalinated water as this does not produce any toxic chemicals with the water. All the impurities are removed through the filter so that there is no health problems related to this.

We, at Amigoz, believe that pure, cost-effective and sustainable water is every human’s right.

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